Brand Concept
Sweet One Eighty is a women’s resort wear brand. Its slogan is ‘Life is sweet’, and theme, ‘A sweet rest’. We introduce new looks every action season instead of sticking to the traditional ss/fw seasons. Our exclusively designed unique print patterns of each season will demonstrate the identity of Sweet One Eighty with sweet and cheerful image.
About Sweet One Eighty
We are a step closer to the future we envisioned with scientific inventions like smart watch, Smart home robot and space travel. Ironically with ubiquitous technology which easily maneuvers our surroundings now at our fingertip, we are still running out of time to find peace of mind and personal enjoyment. This is why more people aspire to and some actually boldly drop everything and leave to a place they always longed to go. Now that we are able to go to the beach in the winter and the south pole in the summer we are no longer bound by vacation seasons. We can go anywhere to any climate all throughout the year. Vacationing population will continue to increase and demand for resort wear is currently on the rise regardless of seasons. In line with this trend, Sweet One Eighty aspires to bring sweet rest, quality living and fun fashion to modern consumers. Sweet One Eighty is the future, the ideal spot, the resort and haven you are dreaming of.